Rosehip Jam
Since ancient times, red rose hips have been hosted by mistresses, trying to manage to prepare this gift of nature before the first frosts.

Wild rose generously gives us its berries, full of medicinal properties. Rosehip contains a record content of vitamin C, useful for the human body.

Jam from these berries also has a beneficial effect on the overall functioning of the cardiovascular system, which is expressed in a number of healing effects: reducing bad cholesterol, strengthening the walls of blood vessels, improving blood circulation, stabilizing the process of blood coagulation.

Thanks for this should be vitamin P, which is the main building material and helps strengthen even the smallest capillaries.

The taste of rosehip many have known since childhood. Our jam is an original delicacy that will allow us to discover this truly magical fruit in a new way.

Product Details:
  • Special Offer: New
  • Net Weight: 260 gr
  • In the package: 12 units in the box
  • Ingredients: seedless rosehip, sugar, water, citric acid
  • Shelf Life: 1 year
  • Packaging: glass

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