Сonfiture "Raspberry"
Raspberry confiture is an indispensable sweet dish on the table of any housewife.

Raspberries - the smells of sunny July, the rustles of green noon. Juicy, slightly waxy berries, promising such a taste familiar from childhood.

Everyone knows raspberries for their healing properties: it lowers body temperature, helps fight viruses. In addition, this berry, due to the high content of ellagic acid in it, is a reliable help in the prevention of the formation of cancer cells. Ellagic acid neutralizes carcinogens that are produced by frying various foods.

Raspberry confiture is a vitamin dessert and berry filling for buns, cakes and waffle cakes. It can be used as decorations for any cookies, biscuits and other pastries.

Product Details:
  • Special Offer: New
  • Net Weight: 240 g
  • In the package: 12 units in the box
  • Ingredients: sugar, seedless raspberries, natural apple pectin
  • Shelf Life: 1 year
  • Packaging: glass
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