Pine Cone Jam
Our company "TAIGA ORGANICA" offers you the healing natural gift of the most common coniferous tree in our country - pine, a delicious healthy treat made from pine cones.

Jam from pine cones is a force of nature for your health.

This product can be described in one sentence: taiga-style jam. The coniferous aroma takes you deep into the Siberian forests and immerses you in a forest fairy tale. Since ancient times, Siberian mistresses have called "Zhivichny", "pine honey" jam from young cones of the taiga beautiful pine. This delicacy has long been known as a remedy for many diseases. So, young pine cones and decoctions of them dilute the blood well, they are recommended to use to prevent a stroke. The components contained in this natural medicine give strength and enhance immunity.

  • Special offer popular
  • Net Weight 130 g
  • Amount of packaging 12 units in the box
  • Ingredients sugar, water, pine cones
  • Expiration date 1 year
  • Container glass
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