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Natural honey - benefit in every drop
It helps to normalize blood pressure, expand coronary vessels, and reduce swelling. Altai honey removes toxins from the body, strengthens the immune system and is considered an excellent firming agent.

Honey with nuts is a delicious treat!
The product is used as an adjuvant for various diseases, it helps to replenish the supply of strength after physical and mental stress. Walnuts restore the body and increase resistance to infections. Pine nuts improve appetite and fill the body with vitamins. Almonds strengthen the heart and blood vessels. Hazelnuts remove toxins and toxins.

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Cream honey is made according to a special technology, including mechanical stirring of honey before the crystallization process begins. The main goal is to reduce the viscosity of the product. As a result, we get an air mass, which in its consistency resembles sour cream or thick mayonnaise. Then, the composition of the cream honey includes berries or nuts.

Unique product
The TAIGA ORGANICA company presents you a completely new product - craft marmalade on honey, natural marmalade based on berry puree with honey. It will be presented in six flavors: cherry, cranberry, blackcurrant, sea buckthorn, lingonberry and berry mix

Reminds berry jam, but has significant characteristic differences from different sweet fruit purees in jars.
Confiture is a fruit, berry or vegetable dense jelly with a sweet taste and delicate texture. It differs from jam in that it contains gelling agents. It differs from jam in that the berries and fruits are not frayed, but whole or in pieces. Therefore, such a dessert product finds its application in confectionery, where jam is not suitable for consistency. There are also many lovers of breakfast with pancakes or cookies with dense, non-flowing jelly confiture instead of other similar fruit products.

Since ancient times, infusions on herbs have been highly valued due to their beneficial effect and soothing effect on both the nervous system and the internal organs of a person.
Herbal tea is a real storehouse of healthy natural trace elements and nutrients that nature itself gives us. The herbs and inflorescences included in the composition not only enrich the drink with vitamins, but also make it more refined. Herbal teas are widely used for the prevention and treatment of various ailments, have strengthening and immunostimulating properties, promote weight loss, remove toxins from the body, soothe, invigorate, support the body in good shape and just give a good mood.

Externally, cone jam resembles liquid honey. But his taste is different - sweet, but with a tarry note and a slight bitterness. Boiled cones can also be eaten.
The cone jam or as it is sometimes called "pine jam" has a pink-brown color and a honey-resinous taste. Despite the unusual nature of such a workpiece, cone jam is tasty enough to eat not only for the sake of health. It is used for bronchitis, asthma, tonsillitis and other diseases of the respiratory tract and throat. An excellent prophylactic for cleansing the airways and strengthening gums. It is especially recommended for exhaustion, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract.

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Amur wild plants

Gift sets with honey are an excellent unbroken solution that will help to make a great impression on the addressee of any gender and age.
Cute jars filled with delicious delicacies of the rarest varieties look luxurious - honey in gift wrapping can equally be presented to parents, boss or girlfriend. Honey as a gift is original, tasty and certainly useful, so such a gesture will certainly be appreciated. Would you like to confess your sympathies to a dear person? A stylishly designed honey set will become the most "talking" souvenir, a symbol of respect, appreciation, love.
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