We will send you the current price list for our products. If you have any questions regarding the cost, we are ready to advise you by phone.
We offer favorable conditions when buying in bulk.
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Among our wholesale customers are pastry shops and shops selling tea and coffee. In addition, our gift sets, presented in many souvenir shops, have gained distribution.

The minimum wholesale order is 8000 rubles.

Build tastes and ingredients

The buyer himself determines the quantity and types of honey products. Immediately after payment, assembly is carried out, shipment - in a few days. The next stage is the transfer of products to the transport company and sending the photo to the buyer so that when he receives the goods, he can evaluate his condition. Then we send a link to track the movement of the order. It is worth noting that for each client we organize certain conditions.
When buying honey in a cup container:

  • The regions are sent at their own expense and this amount is then deducted from the order.
  • We use paid or returnable cup containers weighing from about 12 kg to 35 kg. The exact weight depends on the variety of honey products, it is clarified by the phone manager after placing the order.
Within 2 days we provide a veterinary certificate (cost - 500 rubles) only by prior arrangement. To send products, we ask you to specify the place of trade.

Attention! We do not offer deferred payments.

Delivery is carried out by transport companies in agreement with the buyer. The services of transport companies are paid by the buyer.

We suggest to specify delivery dates at managers of our company.

We help online stores arrange orders to their taste, offering products in any quantity. We provide truly "tasty" photos, hold draws in social networks, post information about your online store in our groups on social networks.
Attention! The minimum wholesale order is formed in the amount of 8,000 rubles. (only after payment). It is worth noting that for each client we organize certain conditions.
We begin the assembly of the order immediately after the payment is received. It takes 2-3 days for shipment. When ready, we transfer the goods for delivery to the transport company. At the time of transfer we photograph the order and send the photo to the partner. The fact of dispatch is visible, plus it makes it possible to compensate for damage if the transport company damages the goods.
After that, we send a link to track the delivery of the order. Delivery is carried out by transport companies, the client pays for their services. Specify delivery time and other moments by phone.
  • We set wholesale prices if the order amount exceeds 5000 rubles. The order takes into account the full range.

  • We organize work with individuals, we offer several payment methods, including a card.

  • We deliver products for free to a warehouse in your city if the order amount exceeds 15,000 rubles.

  • We allow arranging tastes and components in the order, we provide ready-made materials for opening a purchase.

  • We transmit photos and a full description of the products.

  • We give gifts (in each order).

It is worth noting that for each client we have certain conditions. We suggest clarifying them by phone.
For individuals and legal entities, we have 2 payment methods:

  • Cash.
  • Transferring funds to the company's current account through Russian banks and payment systems. The account is valid only for 3 days, in case of non-payment it is automatically disbanded.
Attention! After the actual payment is made, let us know, which will allow us to control receipts to our current account. It is worth noting that for each buyer we have certain conditions, information about which we propose to clarify by phone.
An order is formed only after payment, a deferred payment is not provided.
Full name: TAIGA ORGANICA Limited Liability Company
TIN / RRC: 2801246786/280101001
MSRN: 1192801000765
Legal address: 675000, Russia, Amur Region, Blagoveshchensk, st. Zeyskaya 134, off.604
Actual address: 675000, Russia, Amur Region, Blagoveshchensk, st. Nagornaya, 1A
Phone, fax: +7 (909) 819-98-98, +7 (914) 385-69-89
E-mail: taigaorganica@mail.ru
Website: taigaorganica.com
Bank details: BIC 040813608
Account No. 40702810303000006842 to the Far Eastern Bank of Sberbank PJSC,
Russia produces up to 70,000 tons of honey, so it is one of the top 10 leading manufacturers of this product. It is worth noting that honey is sent for export only if there are laboratory tests, documents and certificates that prove its naturalness. The main buyer of Russian honey is China, and Poland, Canada, the USA, Mongolia and Kazakhstan are leading among other countries. Most importantly, the bulk of exported honey comes from the Amur Region.
Natural honey is widespread due to its composition, as it is a source of minerals and vitamins. Bee nectar not only enhances immunity, but also helps in the treatment of many diseases.
  • Our company is constantly involved in the supply of honey, and the share of our exports reaches 10%.
  • We get nectar from unique Far Eastern herbs and plants, so honey is aromatic and unique in taste.
  • We carefully check honey: in the apiary and in the laboratory, so it meets established quality standards.
  • Our warehouse is accredited in the register of Rosselkhoznadzor under the terms of export to China, we provide a list of documents responsible for the quality of packaging and the safety of the product.
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Fuchashi Export-Import Company, Heilongjiang Province Address: China, Heilongjiang Province, Heihe, Cooperation Zone, Processing Division for Export and Import, E-business Base, Building 2, Floor 2 Tel .: + 86-456-6186060

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TAIGA ORGANICA Limited Liability Company
675000, Russia, Amur Region, Blagoveshchensk, st. Zeyskaya 134, "Triumph" Business Center, office 604
TIN 2801246786
MSRN 1192801000765
RRC 280101001
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