with Black Currant
Cream-honey with black currant consists of:
1. Taiga raw honey. Incredibly helpful. Honey does not undergo heat treatment! (90%);
2. Sublimated berries (10%).

Cream-honey is a fundamentally new tender dessert. Softly whipped at low revs and according to a specail technology, honey acquires a light creamy structure and literally melts in the mouth. And natural additives - berries, make this exquisite dessert not only very tasty, but also the most useful delicacy.

Cream-honey with black currant is a tender cream dessert, it is worth it to try it. The combination of high-quality whipped honey and blackcurrant gives the dessert an unusual taste and aroma.

Cream-honey with black currant has the ability to prevent cancer and protect against diseases of the cardiovascular system, Alzheimer's disease, prevents the weakening of mental abilities in the elderly.

Product Details:
  • Net Weight: 300 g
  • In the package: 12 units in the box
  • Ingredients: natural honey, sublimated black currant
  • Shelf Life: 18 months
  • Packaging: glass
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